Have you been struggling to get rid of excess weight? We'll win this battle for you! Our team ofspecialists will help you lose weight and maintain the effects.

Weight reduction? Let our specialists take care of that!

At our Obesity Treatment Clinic here at Medicover Hospital, patients are managed by a team of specialists: a bariatrician, a dietician, a surgeon, a psychologist and a physiotherapist. Our goal is achieving your ideal weight. Our team of specialists will find an appropriate technique for you to lose those excess kilograms. We will use methods that will prove effective and allow you to maintain the results. We will support you every step of the way.

We treat each patient individually, tailoring the treatment regimen to their age, sex, obesity type and comorbidities.

The treatment process starts with a two-step qualification programme that includes specialist consultations and laboratory tests.


The treatment programme developed by our specialists consists of four stages, during which we get to know and analyse the individual needs and conditions of your body.

Firstly – diagnostics.

We search for your weight problems. We conduct detailed examinations and measurements using specialist medical equipment. We try to be as precise as possible in determining the causes of obesity so that the treatment methods selected can bring the desired effects.

Secondly – analysis.

We analyse your mental and physical condition, individual genetic predispositions and the potential for weight loss. We analyse all the factors that could cause your overweight. We take advantage of the knowledge of a number of specialists, including an internist, a dietician and a psychologist.

 Thirdly – treatment method.

Once we get a better understanding of your body, our specialists will be able to suggest an ideal treatment method for you. While selecting a therapy for you, we take into account not only the results of your examinations, but also your habits and preferences. We are strongly committed to ensuring that the selected method is fully compliant with your possibilities and the weight loss progresses in a manner consistent with the assumptions.

Fourthly – support.

We address the needs of our patients. We provide comprehensive care and support of our specialists at all stages of your treatment.

The available treatment methods we offer include conservative treatment – dedicated to patients with lower levels of overweight, and operative treatment – recommended in more severe cases.

The surgeries and operations performed by the Obesity Treatment Clinic include:

The medical procedure of intragastric balloon
The method is based on the non-invasive insertion of an intragastric balloon. The expected weight loss is approx. 15-20 kg.

The “by-pass” treatment of obesity
The surgery involves dividing the stomach into a small alimentary pouch and an excretory pouch which is not reached by food. This allows for a significant reduction of weight and may cause the symptoms of diabetes to subside.

Stomach resection
It involves reducing the gastric volume to approximately 30%. This leads to the stomach’s limited capacity of food intake and reduction in the sense of hunger due as a result of lowering the secretion of “hunger hormones”.

Fitting a gastric band
The surgery involves fitting an adjustable gastric band onto the upper part of the stomach, leading to a reduction of appetite and a quicker sense of satiety.

  • Prof. Maciej Kielar - Head of the Obesity Treatment Clinic at the Medicover Hospital

    The graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw; completed the second-degree specialisation in general and vascular surgery.

    He was awarded a diploma from the University in Strasburg in the area of laparoscopic surgery.

    He has been lecturing at the Warsaw Medical Academy since 1990, being a Member of the Second Medical Faculty Council.

    He is interested in many fields of contemporary surgery, including bariatric surgery, which he learnt from the eminent Polish specialist – Prof. Edward Stanowski.

    He is the Head of the Obesity Treatment Clinic at the Medicover Hospital, performing bariatric operations (sleeve gastrectomy, by-pass).

  • Monika Molenda-Dąbrowska MD - Dietician

    A graduate of doctoral studies at the Higher School of Agriculture in Warsaw in the Faculty of Sciences on Human Nutrition and Consumption, where she carried out research work and didactic courses for over six years. She co-authored a number of scientific publications and textbooks for students of the Food Toxicology and Human Nutrition.

    In her professional work, she not only focuses on food counselling but, above all, supportspatients in changing their lifestyles and eating habits. The principles of nutrition she develops are always tailored to the individual capacities of her patients, their lifestyles and culinary tastes.

    She holds the view that a well-balanced diet can successfully treat a number of psychosomatic symptoms.

  • Ewa Kurowska MA - Dietician

    She is a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw in the Faculty of Dietetics and Clinical Dietetics. She also obtained her specialisation in “Dietary support in sport” from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw.

    The work with patients is not merely her profession but also her true passion that she has been pursuing for 9 years. She specialises in the treatment of obesity by means of conservative techniques but also treats cases following bariatric procedures. She has extensive knowledge in the area of nutritional therapy of autoimmune and civilisation diseases.

    She constantly improves her competencies at foreign congresses and symposiums with a view to offering her patients state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions tailored to their individual needs. She conducts appointments both in Polish and in English.