Conscious nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle are increasingly often facilitated by DNA testing. The tests allow us to learn about our body’s predispositions related to our metabolic profile, risk of certain diseases or reaction to physical exertion. Nutrigenetic tests only need to be performed once in a lifetime – their results do not change. Thanks to the obtained information, we can modify our habits to be able to enjoy good shape and health for as long as possible.

At Medicover Hospital, we offer two Genodiet iGenesis packages. They consist of a series of tests and an analysis of their results by a dietician. The tests are non-invasive – genetic material sample is collected by taking a swab from the inside of the cheek.

To ensure that each patient can tailor the testing profile to their individual needs, we offer:

Two types of the Genodiet packages:

The Genodiet iGenesis 4 – Anti-Ageing package – a nutrigenetic test comprised of four modules (SLIM, SENSOR, MICRO, DETOX) and a consultation with a dietician to discuss the results of the test. The package is intended for individuals who are particularly interested in delaying the ageing process, maintaining a slim figure and implementing or developing a healthy lifestyle.

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The Genodiet iGenesis Completo 9 package – the most extensive Genodiet test, comprised of all nine complementary modules (SLIM, MICRO, SENSOR, HEALTH, DETOX, FIT SPORT, MEDLINE, ANDROGEN and NEURO) and a consultation with a dietician to discuss the results of the test. The modules provide insight into one’s predispositions related to nutrition and physical activity. Based on the results, a comprehensive report is prepared; such a report is approx. 90 pages, and it includes customised nutrition recommendations and training guidelines.

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Based on the tests performed within the packages, the dietician is able to develop an individual nutrition plan and physical activity programme, tailored specifically to your needs!

You can extend the scope of both packages with a test assessing the level of fatty acids concentration, the OMEGA Test - SEE MORE.

Preparation for the test

To appropriately prepare for the test, please refrain from eating and drinking (except for water), chewing gum, rinsing your mouth and brushing your teeth for at least 60 minutes before the swab is taken.

What can you gain from the Genodiet packages?

The knowledge gained from the tests can be used as a kind of guideline, since the results provide information about the permanent predispositions of the human body. The tests are useful for all who wish to learn about their organism and properly respond to its needs. With the Genodiet iGenesis packages, available at Medicover Hospital, you get the chance to stay in good shape for many years. Check out our offer – and supply your body with what it needs most.

Dietary consultations within the Genodiet iGenesis packages are conducted by experienced dieticians:

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