The correct balance between the concentration of fatty acids in the body determines its proper functioning and supports it in the fight against pathogens.

The OMEGA Test Package is focussed on testing the concentration of fatty acids at cellular level, and it also includes a consultation with a dietician. The test indicates the body’s demand for Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids. The test results and their analysis by an experienced clinical dietician allow our patients to change their current eating habits and more effectively defend themselves against lifestyle diseases.

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The OMEGA Test Package is recommended for individuals who:

  • often catch infections;
  • frequently experience low mood;
  • have trouble concentrating and focussing on various tasks;
  • suffer from skin lesions;
  • have a high cholesterol level;
  • are overweight or obese;
  • suffer from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases;
  • have fertility problems;
  • suffer from type 2 diabetes;
  • suffer from any other chronic diseases.

What can you gain from the OMEGA Test Package?

Based on the OMEGA Test, our dietitian will develop and provide you with nutritional and supplementation guidelines that will make it possible to stabilise the ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in your body. The result of the test will facilitate determining the risk of cardiovascular diseases, overweight and obesity, certain mental and neurodegene­rative disorders (depression, ADHD, dementia), autoimmune diseases, allergies, and concentration disorders.

You will gain:

  • better protection against lifestyle diseases (including cardiovascular diseases), through proper adjustment of dietary habits;
  • for pregnant women: better development of a baby, reduced risk of miscarriage;
  • return to proper learning habits and restoration of balance, concentration, good mood and great form;
  • more effective regeneration after training;
  • better skin condition and appearance;
  • delayed ageing processes.

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