Specialists in the field of paediatric surgery at the Medicover Hospital also specialize in hernia operations.

A hernia is a popular name for the movement of organs into places with reduced resistance. Doctors distinguish between congenital hernia and acquired hernia (e.g. resulted from injuries). During childhood hernia is usually congenital defects and coughing or problems with defecation only intensifies the symptoms. The youngest patients usually have problems with:

  •  umbilical hernias,
  •  inguinal hernia,
  •  scrotal hernias (boys).

What are the symptoms of a hernia? A small nodule that does not retract under light pressure. In case of abdominal hernias, the child may also complain about the pain, which is caused by compression of organs. In toddlers, it is extremely dangerous to get the intestines in hernia gate, so a visit to specialist surgeon is needed.

At the Medicover Hospital, apart from a qualified surgeon, a little patient will be accompanied by a team of paediatricians. A hernia is a condition that can be cured only by surgery, therefore, for the comfort of the child, when administering anaesthesia and recovery from anaesthesia, toddler may be accompanied by parents. The operation focuses on closing the hernia gate and strengthening the weakened place, e.g. in the abdominal cavity. After the surgery, there is no need for long postoperative treatment - the staff of the Medicover Hospital makes the return to health and fitness quickly, and the patient can count on professional care.