The eye examination at a Medicover Optyk showroom in Gdańsk includes a detailed interview with a patient, a comprehensive examination of the visual system parameters and selection of an appropriate spectacle design. The examinations are carried out exclusively by qualified optometrists using modern ophthalmic equipment.

Make an appointment for an examination in Gdańsk

In Gdańsk, we perform eye examinations at Medicover Optyk showroom, which is located in Olivia Business Centre, in Olivia Prime building (first from the Sopot side).

Patients with a Medicover subsc.ription may book a visit in the chosen location by logging on to Medicover OnLine, using Medicover mobile application or by calling the helpline (500 900 925). Patients who do not have a Medicover subsc.ription can purchase the examination at MediStore.



We take all precautions to ensure a safe use of our services. We apply the highest sanitary standards during the eye examination and fitting of glasses.

We have introduced the following principles of customer service:

  • A limited number of people can stay in our showrooms,
  • Please come to the appointments without accompanying persons,
  • It is obligatory to cover your mouth and nose in Medicover Optyk showrooms and during your eye examination.

Why don’t we take care of our health together?

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The Medicover Optyk Team


Where are the examinations in Gdańsk available?

Gdańsk Al. Grunwaldzka 472 E, Olivia Prime building (first from Gdynia side)

When do we do an eye examination?

  • Periodic examination

Adults, if they do not have eye problems, should come in for an optometric and ophthalmic examination at least once every two years.

If you have severe vision impairment, ophthalmic diseases or use contact lenses, and you’re and adult, you should have your eyes checked at least once a year, unless your eye care professional recommends more frequent check-ups.

In the case of children, an eye examination should take place at least once a year.

  • Examinations for a driving licence

The eye examination for the driving licence should be performed by an authorised medical examiner or ophthalmologist. This examination shall be carried out for all applicant drivers and for persons with impaired vision as prescribed by a doctor.

  • Examinations for work

If your eyes are exposed to long hours of work in front of monitors, harmful radiation or if proper visual acuity is crucial for your work, an ophthalmological consultation is carried out during the occupational medicine examination. Each subsequent check-up depends on the outcome of the first check-up and long absences from work and can take place either one or four years after the first eye examination for work.