You wear glasses but considering contact lenses? You use glasses every day, but you also want to wear contact lenses because they are more comfortable, for example when playing sport? Or you prefer to check out more correction options than just contact lenses?

We can help you see better and find the best solution for your eyes. We will listen carefully to your needs to ensure you get the best visual comfort you want.

To offer you a solution perfectly suited to your needs and health problem, we offer three types of eye examinations at Medicover Optyk showrooms.

Eye examination with fitting of glasses

All our showrooms feature qualified optometrists who will listen to you carefully and, using modern ophthalmic equipment, carry out a comprehensive eye examination.

What does an examination look like?

The examination takes place in the optometrist's office in a Medicover Optyk showroom, and it lasts about 30 minutes. It consists of 4 parts:

  • The optometrist begins each examination with a detailed patient interview. You will be asked about the reason for your visit, your sight problems, how long and what kind of glasses or contact lenses you wear, as well as your lifestyle and the medications you take.

  • After the interview, it is time for a detailed eye examination. Our specialist uses both specialised equipment and traditional methods for this purpose. They check your eyesight and select appropriate corrective lenses - if required.

  • The optometrist will insert your chosen lenses into a trial frame. This allows you to check how you see in them and what else needs to be corrected to make wearing glasses comfortable for you.

  • At the end of the visit, together you choose the best and most comfortable design of glasses for you so that they fit you perfectly.

After your appointment with the optometrist, it's time to choose your frames. Our stylists will help you choose the one that best suits your face, style, and activity level. Well-chosen spectacles not only correct eye defects and improve visual comfort, but also allow you to express your personality.

Eye examination with contact lens fitting

Our experienced optometrists will carry out a full examination of your eyesight. With their help, you can choose contact lenses to suit your vision impairment, the shape of your eyeballs and your daily activities.

What does an examination look like?

We want your lenses to be perfect, so we have divided the examination into 3 stages (each is a separate appointment). You are welcome to visit the optometrist's office in the Medicover Optyk showroom of your choice.

  • On your first visit, the optometrist will interview you and thoroughly examine your eyesight. In addition, the slit lamp looks at the anterior segments of your eyes. This helps us to ensure that contact lenses are the right choice for you.

  • At your second appointment you will try on contact lenses chosen specifically for you. You will also learn how to put them on and take them off and how to care for them. We give you free trial lenses to test them at home in peace of mind.

  • The final stage is verification. During your appointment, our eye care professional will verify whether your contact lenses fit properly, are comfortable for you and do not cause irritation. It is important that they meet your expectations.

You can find a variety of contact lenses in our showrooms. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have an expert choose them for you, thus taking care of the health of your eyes. And then enjoy the comfort that comes with this form of vision correction. Come back to us after a year - we'll check that everything is still perfect.

Eye examination with glasses and contact lenses fitting

You don't have to choose between an appointment for glasses fitting and one for contact lens fitting. Simply visit our optical showroom and an optometrist will take care of your eyesight. They will examine what kind of correction you need and will select the appropriate spectacle lenses and contact lenses.

What does an examination look like?

  • Your time matters. That's why in just 3 appointments, instead of 4, we will select the best glasses and contact lenses for you. First, a qualified optometrist will take a detailed medical history with you and ask about your expectations and lifestyle. During a comprehensive eye examination, they determine the power of your spectacle lenses. They also suggest the best glasses for you. They also look at your eyes through a slit lamp to select the most comfortable contact lenses for you.

  • During your second appointment, our eye care professional checks how the contact lenses fit on your eyes. The idea is to make using this optical solution as healthy and comfortable as possible for you. We also provide you with free trial lenses.

  • You will have a follow-up appointment after a few days. This involves the optometrist checking how the contact lenses fit your eyes, whether they are comfortable, whether they correct your vision impairment well and meet your expectations.

Perfectly fitting spectacle lenses and contact lenses are not only comfortable to wear, but most importantly they guarantee that your eyes stay healthy. Remember to make a follow-up appointment after a year. Our optometrist will then check that the correction you wear is still suitable for you.