The mission of the Foundation

The Medicover Foundation has been established by the Medicover Group with a sense of responsibility to fulfil a social mission. The main statutory tasks of the Foundation are as follows: raising awareness about healthy and safe lifestyle, promoting prevention and correct diagnosis, and raising social awareness about the need to provide professional medical services.

Based on the knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, the operations are focused on educating, supporting local communities, and developing programs which directly or indirectly contribute to improving the health and public awareness.

Our beneficiaries

The Medicover Foundation supports its own campaigns and programmes as well as those created in cooperation with its partners if they help local communities, non-profit organisations or result from volunteers’ initiatives and, at the same time, are within its statutory responsibilities.

The main statutory responsibilities of the Foundation include:

  • the dissemination of knowledge about a safe and healthy lifestyle
  • the promotion of health prevention and proper diagnosis
  • the shaping of social awareness of the necessity to provide professional medical services

The operational programme of the Foundation is based on four pillars:

  • education
  • life style
  • safety
  • initiatives for local communities. 

Each programme and campaign is examined on an individual basis and after consultation with the community for which a given initiative is intended.

We do not finance: natural persons, entities governed by commercial law, ventures performed for profit, the ongoing operating costs of organisations, conferences, symposia, seminars, purchases of IT lab equipment, purchases of multimedia and sports equipment, special events (festivals, concerts, theatrical performances, jubilees, exhibitions, etc.), camps, summer holidays, hikes, sports-related projects, scholarships, and endowments.