Overweight is not merely an aesthetic problem. Each additional kilogramme increases the risk of health problems. If you underestimate the fact that you are putting on weight, you can face a number of serious diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction or spinal degenerative disease.

Do not ignore the consequences of overweight and say NO to your excess kilogrammes today.

To address the needs of people who would like to lose weight in an efficient and healthy way under the supervision of specialists, Medicover has prepared a special dietary programme “Get Slim”.

How does the programme work?

  1. First, we are going to invite you for tests to determine whether your overweight is not caused by metabolic disorders.
  2. Next, you will be asked to complete a special dietary survey which will help us determine your potential nutritious errors.
  3. Next, we will invite you for a consultation with the dietician. Such an appointment lasts 40 minutes and is dedicated only to you.
  4. After the appointment, our dietician will prepare a diet for 14 days, tailored just for you.

Under the supervision of our specialist, you will soon be slim.

Your benefits

  • You will find out whether your obesity is triggered by metabolic disorders
  • You will discover your nutritional errors
  • You will check the content of muscles, fat and water in your body
  • You will learn what your metabolic age is
  • You will learn about your general health and rule out the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and thyroid disorders
  • We will tell you how to diet in order to avoid yo-yo effects
  • You will receive a customised diet for 14 days

The “Get Slim” Check-Up can be performed at the selected Medicover Centres in the following cities:  Warszawa, Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, and Katowice.

Package validity period: 3 months from the date indicated in the order confirmation.

Scope of the check-up:

  • TSH – testing to establish the metabolic causes of overweight and assess the thyroid function
  • morphology – testing for blood diseases
  • glucose, lipidogram – testing to assess the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
  • determining health parameters: body mass index (BMI), waist/hip ratio (WHR), visceral fat index (VFI), basal metabolic rate index, content of the fat, muscular tissue and water in the body, metabolic age
  • dietician consultation
  • discussion of test results and recommendations
  • an individual diet and counselling on healthy eating

You can have your check-up at one of the following Medicover Centres:

  • Warszawa: Inflancka Medicover Centre, Puławska Medicover Centre
  • Wrocław: Globis Medicover Centre
  • Szczecin: Malczewskiego Medicover Centre
  • Poznań: Andersa Medicover Centre
  • Kraków: Podgórska Medicover Centre
  • Katowice: Graniczna Medicover Centre
  • Gdańsk: Grunwaldzka Medicover Centre