Hospitalization under contract with the NFZ (National Health Fund) is based on a valid referral. If you do not have a referral, please see a doctor who will issue it for you.

  1. To check if Medicover Hospital performs a particular operation or procedure, call the hotline at +48 500 900 543 or consult the NFZ information desk at Medicover Hospital.
  2. Make an appointment to qualify for the procedure via the hotline or at the information desk. The appointment is free of charge.
  3. Remember to bring your referral to the qualifying appointment.
  4. After your qualifying appointment, you will be put on the waiting list for the procedure. You will be notified by phone about the scheduled date of your hospital admission one month prior.
  5. At least 7 days before the procedure, the patient consults an anaesthesiologist (the date should be specified via the hotline at +48 500 900 543). Remember to bring your completed anaesthesia questionnaire to the appointment - download it here.
  6. On the due date, report to the hospital at the NFZ information desk. When going to the hospital, remember to take the results of the tests ordered, the ORIGINAL blood group certificate (blood group results based on tests made from two blood samples taken from the same patient at different times) and a photo ID (ID card, driving license or passport).
  7. If on the day of admission or during hospitalization, the eWUŚ system (Electronic Verification of Beneficiary Rights - a system provided by the NFZ) does not confirm your right to health care services financed from public funds, you will be asked by a hospital employee to present a document confirming payment of health care contributions or to sign a statement that such contributions are paid.
  8. Remember to bring everyday hygienic items such as towels, toiletries, etc. to the hospital. Also, remember to bring pyjamas and slippers if you plan to stay overnight.
  9. Learn about your stay in the hospital.
  10. Anaesthesia consent form - download
  11. Admission to the hospital: please see the Hospital Service Coordinator on the scheduled day. After registering and completing the necessary formalities, the patient is directed to the indicated Ward. The coordinator takes a patient to the Ward and contacts the Head Nurse. If you have any questions regarding the service, please contact your assigned coordinator.
  12. After discharge from the hospital, surgical patients are entitled to one free follow-up visit within 30 days from the discharge.

List of documents required to qualify for a procedure or surgery:

  • ID card or another similar document
  • Referral to hospital
  • Results of diagnostic tests and consultations, which are the basis for referral to the hospital
  • Relevant information about previous specialist or hospital treatment, and the treatment provided


List of tests required to qualify for a procedure or surgery:


blood group, blood count, ionogram, glucose, urea, creatinine, blood coagulation system, TSH T3 and T4 in the case of thyroid disease, confirmation of hepatitis B vaccination or statement of withdrawal from the vaccination, chest X-ray (for 40+ patients)

Cardiology and cardiac surgery

the tests are determined by the qualifying doctor after obtaining information from a referral about the patient's disease or procedure they are referred for