You use NFZ

The Medicover Hospital provides services in a variety of arrangements: under the fee-for-service model, under Medicover subscriptions, under third-party medical insurance policies, and under the contract with the National Health Fund. If you appreciate a high standard of care comparable to that enjoyed in Western countries and you want to learn more, please read about the range of services offered under the contract concluded between the Medicover Hospital and the National Health Fund (NFZ). Please find information about admission to the hospital and required documents below.

The services under the Medicover Hospital’s contract with the National Health Fund include the following:

  • invasive cardiology with 24/7 emergency cardiovascular care;
  • cardiac surgery with 24/7 emergency cardiac surgery services;
  • general surgery;
  • vascular surgery;
  • oncological surgery:
  • orthopaedics;
  • laryngology;
  • gynaecology:
  • oncological gynaecology;
  • imaging diagnostics:

If you want to learn which procedures are offered under the contract with the National Health Fund or need information about your insurance, please call our hotline at +48 500 900 543 or ask for advice at the National Health Fund helpdesk in the Medicover Hospital.

Please remember that every hospitalisation requires a valid referral issued by a doctor. If the procedure you have a referral for is subject to reimbursement by the National Health Fund, make an appointment for a free-of-charge qualification visit. During your visit you will be enrolled on the patient waiting list and you will subsequently be informed about the planned date for your admission. Remember to arrive at the hospital on the scheduled date and to visit the reception of the National Health Fund helpdesk. You should bring the following items with you to the hospital:

  • Your national ID card or another identification document
  • Your hospital referral
  • The results of your diagnostic tests and consultations
  • Any important information about your previous treatment by specialists or your hospitalisation history and the treatment you received

Do not forget about your everyday personal care items, such as a towel, toiletries, etc. Patients who have undergone surgical and orthopaedic treatment are entitled to a free-of-charge follow-up visit after being discharged from the hospital.

If the procedure you have a referral for is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund, you can have it performed under the fee-for-service model or under a Medicover subscription.