Our hands are a precise system of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons that relatively often suffer injury.

As far as the hand and wrist are concerned, the most common reasons for seeing an orthopaedic surgeon are fractures, sprains, tendon injuries, and nerve injuries. Apart from injuries, the most common problems include: carpal tunnel syndrome, snapping fingers, palmar aponeurosis contracture (Dupuytren's disease).

  • Median nerve decompression (in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome), cost: PLN 1,900
  • Excision of the palmar aponeurosis in patients with Dupuytren's contracture, cost: PLN 4,000
  • Incision of tendon sheaths (in the treatment of a snapping finger, de Quervain disease), cost upwards of PLN 2,500
  • Treatment of bone fractures and joint luxations, prices from PLN 2,800