The gallbladder stores the bile produced by the liver, which in turn is released during the digestive process. Genetic conditions, hormonal disorders, poor diet and obesity - these are the most common causes of problems with gallbladder, the organ connected to the liver and the duodenum. Disorders such as cholecystolithiasis affect not only adults, but also children.

Specialists from the Medicover Hospital specialize in the efficient and effective treatment of cholecystolithiasis in children. Qualified personnel provide care already at the diagnostic stage. Thanks to a modern Consultation Centre equipped with equipment for abdominal ultrasound, our doctors are able to quickly determine the size and number of stones in gallbladder and check if there were no complications during the disease, e.g. pancreatitis.

At the Medicover Hospital young patients will not only pass all the necessary tests but will also receive a detailed treatment plan. In case of advanced cholecystolithiasis (when the stones have calcified) surgery will be necessary. Our team includes doctors who will fully take care of the patient's needs. At the Medicover Hospital parents may participate during the administration of anaesthesia and waking up, in order to minimise the stress associated with the procedure. The operation is performed using the laparoscopic method, thanks to which it is not necessary to open the abdominal cavity and the risk of complications is low.