Endometriosis is an insidious disease, often misdiagnosed and confused with other conditions. It has a negative impact on women's quality of life. Early diagnosis is most important in its treatment.

Usually the diagnosis of endometriosis is delayed by about 8 to 10 years. This should, however, not be the case.

Delayed diagnosis or inadequate treatment of endometriosis can lead to many complications. Untreated endometriosis makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to get pregnant.

Based on a meticulous medical history and a detailed gynaecological examination, a preliminary diagnosis can be made.

Further diagnosis of endometriosis is complex and quite complicated. Laparoscopy should not be performed to establish the diagnosis of endometriosis.  It is an invasive procedure with risks associated with general anaesthesia and intubation. An experienced doctor, on the basis of medical history, gynaecological examination and imaging studies such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging, can diagnose endometriosis, assess its severity and plan its treatment.

At Medicover Hospital we offer patients with suspected endometriosis an ultrasound examination with the use of gel contrast (sonovaginography).

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The examination takes only 30 minutes. In the first stage, using a transabdominal probe, the kidneys are assessed to exclude urine retention, which may be caused by ureteral stenosis in the course of endometriosis. Next, as standard procedure, the reproductive organs, i.e. the cervix, the uterine body and the ovaries, are assessed. The next step is to assess the "soft markers" of endometriosis, i.e. assessing the mobility of the ovaries and uterus, looking for adhesions, fallopian tube hydrops, shortened ligaments.  In the next stage, the doctor injects the gel contrast into the vagina. It allows a more accurate assessment of the anterior vaginal wall, bladder, posterior vaginal wall, rectovaginal septum and rectum for foci of deeply infiltrating endometriosis. The examination should be carried out in the first phase of the cycle as it allows for a better assessment of the mucous membrane of lining the uterine cavity (the endometrium).

Whichever diagnostic method is chosen, it is most important that the examination is carried out by a person who is able to make a correct assessment and provide a reliable and accurate diagnosis.

The examination is performed by an experienced specialist Joanna Jacko MD.

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