This is a condition in which the testes on one or both sides remain out of the scrotum. The reason for the missing testicle(s) is its detention while descending into the scrotum. The surgical procedure should be performed before the age of 2 and consists in placing the testicle(s) inside the scrotum. In case of testicle(s) located in the abdominal cavity, laparoscopic surgery can be performed, however, sometimes the operations are multistage due to the level of difficulty. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia, it consists of opening the inguinal canal, finding the testicle, inserting it into the scrotum, and establishing it in the scrotum, so that the nucleus cannot return to the inguinal canal. Complications of cryptorchidism can be as follow: development of testicular cancer, testicular torsion, impaired fertility.