You've noticed hormonal changes, more frequent infections, dry and inelastic skin on your intimate parts and discomfort caused by such embarrassing problems as urinary incontinence? Or, perhaps, you've had a baby and your sex life is no longer as rewarding as it used to be?

Aesthetic gynaecology offers procedures that improve the appearance of the female genitals and their sexual function, and eliminate troublesome symptoms associated with intimate parts. Aesthetic gynaecology gives women a chance to boost their self-esteem, feel more attractive, and regain mental and physical comfort.

Here at the Medicover Hospital, we offer a whole range of treatments used in aesthetic gynaecology, including the recent addition of the innovative laser-based methods. Thanks to the specialist FOTONA laser, the procedures we perform are much more effective than those carried out with other lasers. Our patients can now be completely sure that their procedure will be painless and effective and that it will restore their comfort and self-esteem.

Explore the secrets of aesthetic gynaecology which will help you feel the magic of your bedroom again and regain self-confidence. Aesthetic gynaecology is intended for women at all ages because every single woman deserves to feel beautiful and satisfied.

We conduct miscellaneous procedures tailored to the specific needs of our female patients. We make use of cutting-edge treatment methods, including the Fotona Intima laser and pharmacological substances.

Each treatment method is individually selected by the physician during a consultation appointment with a femalepatient.

We guarantee full discretion and intimacy.

Sometimes, all you need to feel attractive again and regain the pleasure of intimate moments with your partner is a minor, minimally invasive procedure.


Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects many women and may also develop after natural childbirth.

A short laser treatment will help to increase the elasticity and tightness in the tissues of the vaginal wall.

As a result, the vagina becomes narrower, thereby preventing the problems related to urinary incontinence as well as improving the quality of sexual contacts.


Treatment procedures using hyaluronic acid improve the appearance of the labia and guarantee proper moisturisation of intimate parts.

The procedures solve the problem of vaginal dryness and laxity.

These lifting procedures make it possible to lift and narrow the vagina when its walls are excessively dilated (e.g. after childbirth), thus increasing the satisfaction derived from sexual life.


Vaginal Narrower is recommended for women who suffer from lowered sexual satisfaction, recurring genital infections, incontinence of vaginal discharge and pelvic organ prolapse. Vaginal Narrower is a minimally invasive, gynaecological procedure that significantly improves the cell structure of sex organs.

As a result, the vulvar introitus is narrowed, thereby decreasing the likelihood of infections and strengthening the vulvar vestibule muscles and tissues. The procedure also improves the appearance of the external sexual organs.

Consultations are provided by: Ewa Kurowska, MD, PhD. 
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