Video chats

Video consultations have been implemented to address situations in which a doctor needs to obtain more detailed information from a patient in order to provide correct medical advice. How to tell a difference between a dry or wet cough? Should I worry about this rash? This form of communication is suited best for such situations.

One of the advantages of video consultations is that they offer our doctors the opportunity to examine the symptoms more carefully and observe things that the patient has not noticed or deemed relevant.

Thanks to the professional approach of our doctors, the privacy and security they ensure during video consultations, our patients can feel like at a regular visit to a Medicover Centre.

During video consultations, our patients can get medical advice in the following cases:

  • cold, fever, cough;
  • abdominal pain, vomits, fever;
  • urinary infections;
  • rash;
  • preventive care;
  • other health problems;
  • recommendations for examinations and consultations available at Medicover Centres, provided that there are medical indications;
  • discussing examination results;
  • advice concerning administration of medicines.

Availability hours:

Monday to Friday: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

To use video chats you need to be fully logged in to the Medicover OnLine system.

In order to be fully logged in, insert your Medicover card number (MRN) and the eight-digit individual password (you can obtain your password at the reception of any Medicover Centre; please make sure to change your password after logging in for the first time).