Give a part of yourself for christmas - become a bone marrow donor

This was a very special campaign! This time we invited our employees to participate in the bone marrow donation campaign for blood cancer patients. Dozens of our employees registered in the DKMS Foundation Donor Database. We also had the opportunity to meet with a real-life donor, whose courage and attitude inspired us to join this extremely important initiative that changes lives and improves the health of others.

Medicover kids

As part of the campaign, we invited very special guests to our Headquarters - the children of our employees who participated in age appropriate pro-health educational activities. In addition, we invited the kids to take part in a nationwide art contest entitled "Innovative paediatric office - through children's eyes". For our mums-to-be we created a practical guide, and for the parents we offered training in paediatric first aid.

Stop the flu and colds

Every year, we offer free flu shots to all employees. To facilitate employee access to the vaccinations we have prepared a special communication and vaccination campaign at our head office and the Medicover Hospital.

Healthy and safe workplace

The campaign was aimed at promoting the principles of ergonomics and occupational health and safety in the workplace. Our physiotherapists developed special workshops during which we learned how to care for our spine and perform stretching exercises. Employees also had the opportunity to consult with ergonomists regarding proper monitor placement and chair adjustment. OHS specialists created a nationwide competition promoting innovative ideas in workplace safety. An additional attraction was the opportunity to try on the so-called Senior Suit, or a simulator of feelings related to age.

Change your ways for healthy days

The campaign was aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees, with particular emphasis on: weight control, healthy diet and physical activity. Employees had the opportunity to measure their body weight using a special device and discuss the results individually with a specialist. In addition, the offer included seminars and webinars on changing habits and the principles of creating a balanced diet, as well as running and Nordic walking training.