Services offered in the Medicover Hospital are available to fee-for-service patients, persons who have Medicover cards or who are covered under the National Health Fund or medical insurance of other insurance companies. 

Please find the details on the admission to the hospital below. You will also learn about other means of financing your hospital stay.

Admission to the hospital step by step 

1. Qualification visit 
During a qualification visit in the Consulting Centre, the doctor will analyse your condition and inform you about different treatment methods as well as potential risks connected with the treatment. The doctor will decide with you on the necessary tests, procedures and the course of hospitalization. If you decide to undergo a procedure or a surgery in our hospital, the doctor will issue a hospital treatment qualification card.

  • To schedule a qualification visit with a specific specialist in the hospital Consulting Centre, please call 500 900 900.
  • Be sure to bring with you your test results and a referral for hospitalization if you have one

2. Appointment with the anaesthesiologist
As the next step, please make an appointment with the anaesthesiologist. During theconsultation the doctor will take your medical history, which will help choose the best method of anaesthesia (types of anaesthesia).

3. Meeting with the Hospital Care Coordinator who will show you around the hospital and explain the terms of admission and hospital stay as well as the rules of payment.

4. Signing a contract (contract - children, contract - adults, contract - delivery)
After signing the contract you will be asked to pay a cash deposit (no later than three days before the scheduled date of your admission).

5. Date of your surgery or procedure 
Your Hospital Care Coordinator will confirm the date of your procedure or surgery.

6. Discharge from the hospital 
On the date of your discharge from the hospital, you will be asked to pay the rest of your hospitalization costs. Payments can be made by cash or card. Any excess payment will be returned according to your instructions. After being discharged from the hospital, you are entitled to one follow-up visit free of charge.

Financing medical procedures with a loan

Medicover Hospital and MediRaty have prepared an attractive offer of financing of medical procedures for their clients. All Medicover Hospital services are offered with zero down payment and the patient only has to have his or her creditworthiness verified.

The loan enables to pay for the procedure in instalments and their amount and lending period can be adjusted to the client’s financial capabilities. This enables to finance surgeries and procedures from PLN 500.00 to PLN 50,000.00 and pay in as many as 60 instalments.

How to use the MediRaty programme?

  • discuss the costs of the surgery or procedure with the doctor 
  • submit a MediRaty application online or call a consultant at 801 000 265 or 22 266 83 70
  • the consultant will verify your creditworthiness and prepare a contract within 30 minutes
  • after signing the contract, Medicover’s bank account will be credited with the amount of the loan within 48 hours and you will start your treatment
  • after funds are credited to Medicover’s bank account, the Hospital Care Coordinator will contact you and go over all the details of hospitalisation

Services offered with MediRaty:

  • childbirth
  • gynaecology procedures (including aesthetic gynaecology)
  • laryngology procedures (including treatment of snoring)
  • orthopaedic procedures (including prosthetic arthroplasty of the hip)
  • surgical procedures
  • treatment of obesity
  • comprehensive Total Health Screening