Services offered by the Medicover Hospital are available to fee-for-service patients, patients who have Medicover cards or who are covered under the National Health Fund or medical insurance of other insurance companies.

Please find the details on the admission to the hospital below. You will also learn how to extend the scope of your Medicover card by hospital services. 

If your Medicover card entitles you to treatment in the Medicover Hospital, you will not bear the costs of your treatment (according to your healthcare plan).

Check if your Medicover card includes hospital care:

IMPORTANT! If you need emergency assistance, call the Medicover HOTLINE at 500 900 999.


1. Call 500 900 500 to make an appointment with a doctor in the Medicover Centre and get a referral.
2. Once you have a referral, please call 500 900 900 to schedule a qualification visit with a chosen specialist from the Medicover Hospital.
3. Remember to bring your test results and a referral for hospitalization with you for the qualification visit.
4. During the qualification visit in the Consulting Centre, the doctor will analyse your condition and inform you about different treatment methods as well as potential risks connected with the treatment.  The doctor will decide with you on the necessary tests, procedures and the course of hospitalization. Next, the doctor will issue the hospital treatment qualification card which specifies the medical procedures recommended by the doctor as well as the length of the hospital stay and other instructions concerning hospitalization.
5. If you have been qualified for hospital treatment, the costs of hospital treatment will be covered by Medicover. At this point, it is necessary to sign an agreement which defines, among others, the terms of hospitalization (agreement - childrenagreement - adultsagreement - delivery).
6. The next stage is a meeting with the anaesthesiologist. During the consultation the doctor will take your medical history, which will help choose the best method of anaesthesia.
7. At this point, please see the Hospital Care Coordinator who will show you around the hospital, explain the terms of admission and hospital stay and complete all the formalities.
8. Then, please wait until the date of your procedure or surgery, which we will confirm by telephone.

If you would like to extend the scope of your Medicover card by hospital services:

  • please contact your employer
  • and learn about our individual insurance offer:

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