Radiological examination of lower limbs is the most effective diagnostic method for diseases and defects of lower parts of musculoskeletal system. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment at the Medicover Hospital, it can be carried out safely. While our specialists use the digital imaging technique, the dose of X-ray absorbed by the body is small and does not threaten patient’s health. The images obtained are of high quality, which makes recognition of disease and choosing right treatment method much easier.

At the Medicover Hospital, we make X-ray images of:
- femur (e.g. patella), tibia, fibula,
- metatarsal bones, feet (including heel, cuboid, and navicular bones), phalanges and joints of the foot,
- knee, hip, and ankle joint.

Radiological examinations help to assess the exact structure of joints and bones, their size and estimate the degree of deformation.

The indications for performing the X-ray of lower limbs are as follow:
- dysplasia of joints,
- femur, tibia and fibula fracture,
- sterile osteonecrosis,
- congenital malformations,
- bending of bones,
- shortening of limbs,
- malformations of joints and bones,
- foot pathologies, including crooked big toe (hallux), hammer toes and heel spur,
- gout.

Many years of experience of our specialists and high-class devices allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and thus start an effective treatment process for the patient.