Ultrasound examination of joints and tendons is extremely useful for correctly diagnosing diseases and related defects. The image obtained thanks to ultrasonic waves allows to assess the condition of the joints and tendons being examined, and thus select the most effective method of treatment or rehabilitation. A comprehensive ultrasound examination performed by specialists at the Medicover Hospital assesses the structure of the joints and adjacent muscles, and determines the extent of the lesions, among others from damages related to injuries.
Ultrasound of joints and tendons is performed as part of the diagnostics process for conditions such as:
- inflammatory conditions,
- post-traumatic lesions,
- joint and tendon diseases, including joint dysplasia, rheumatoid arthritis, tendon tears and rupture, enthesopathy (e.g., heel tendon), tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Medicover Hospital doctors have many years of experience performing ultrasound examinations of joints and tendons, as well as planning treatment of various types of injuries and degenerations. At our centres, patients can undergo the following:
- ultrasound of the shoulder joint with the acromioclavicular joint,
- ultrasound of the knee, ankle and tibiofibular joint,
- ultrasound of the intermetatarsal and interphalangeal joint,
- ultrasound of the elbow, shoulder and intercarpal joint,
- ultrasound of the hip joint,
- ultrasound of the tendons adjacent to the joints and muscles, including ultrasound of the Achilles tendon, aponeurosis (dorsal and palmar).