Ultrasound examination of urinary tract facilitates diagnosis of diseases that are dangerous for human health. The image obtained during ultrasound examination allows to assess the condition of urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, and the prostate gland in men. This examination is available in Medicover Hospital offer and is carried out by specialists with many years of experience, using the most modern ultrasound machines.

Ultrasound examination of urinary tract should be performed immediately in case of the following:
- incorrect results of urinalysis,
- frequent abdominal pain, especially of lower abdomen,
- lumbar spine pain,
- frequent urination (pollakiuria),
- excessive urination at night (nocturia),
- the appearance of blood in the urine,
- pain while urinating.

Comprehensive examination of urinary tract with an ultrasound scanner at a Medicover centre improves the diagnosis of kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and prostate disorders. Among others during ultrasound examination kidney stones, tumours, cysts, hydronephrosis, ureter size change, and renal artery stenosis can be detected. Ultrasound examination is not invasive - it is performed through the skin. Pregnant women can also be subjected to it. A few days before the planned ultrasound examination, heavy meals should be avoided - an easily digestible diet is recommended, and in case of people prone to bloating, taking antispasmodic drugs. It is also necessary to drink about 1.5 litres of still water and not urinate immediately before the examination.