Performance of the magnetic resonance examination does not require any particular preparation. In order to hydrate the organism well, in case of an examination with the use of contrast, it is recommended to drink ca. 1 litre of liquids (water, weak tea). It is important to participate in the examination in loose clothes, especially without metal elements such as buttons, a belt, a watch, keys, debit cards and a mobile phone (may become demagnetized). In the case of an examination of the head and the orbits, we do not wear make-up or apply hairspray. Cosmetics contain metal particles which may falsify the results.

Shortly after the examination it is possible to drive a car and before the examination - to take drugs, as the resonance does not affect their action. The examination can also be performed in any moment of the menstrual cycle, also during menstruation


  • Implanted electric devices, such as a defibrillator or pacemaker, a neurostimulator, a cochlear implant
  • metal foreign bodies in soft tissues (e.g. vascular clips after laparoscopic surgeries, or chips near vessels, parenchymal organs, orbits, orthopaedic plates, etc.)
  • claustrophobia (pathologic fear of being in closed, small spaces)
  • moreover, it is not recommended to perform the examination in women in the 1st trimester of pregnancy 

What should the person performing the examination be informed about:

Before the examination:

  • having a pacemaker, metal clips or other metal parts in the organism
  • earlier diagnosis of an allergy or occurrence in the past of any allergic reactions to drugs or contrast agents
  • claustrophobia
  • bleeding tendencies (haemorrhagic diathesi) in the case of application of intravenous contrast agents

During the examination:

  • any sudden problems (e.g. claustrophobic feelings)
  • any symptoms after intravenous contrast administration (dyspnoea, dizziness, nausea)

Caution! Patients with implanted artificial heart valves, orthopaedic prostheses or with implanted vascular clips after neurosurgical or vascular operations are obliged to hand in a complete medical documentation to the MR Laboratory, concerning the applied treatment, along with the description of the applied implant, in particular the material it was made of.

The magnetic resonance examination is painless, although it may arouse the feeling of slight discomfort due to the necessity to stay in one position for more than a dozen - several dozen minutes. During the examination it is necessary to remain still, since it affects its quality. During the examination, the patient, in spite of being locked, has a constant possibility to contact the examining doctors.

Please appear for the visit 15 minutes earlier in order to fill in a “Magnetic resonance examination questionnaire”.

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