Among the rich services offered by clinics of the Medicover Hospital, there was radiodiagnosis of the head. Our specialists are distinguished by extensive experience in X-ray examinations and accurate diagnostics of diseases in the area of skull, as well as professionalism in contact with patient. There is also a state-of-the-art digital X-ray, so the quality of the images obtained allows to accurately assess the condition of scanned region. Moreover, thanks to device used the test is not dangerous for health and X-ray dose absorbed by patient is minimal.

Among others, head X-ray helps in diagnostics of following:
- congenital malformations, diseases and deformities,
- bone changes and damage (losses, fractures, metastases related to cancer),
- diseases such as Paget's disease, myeloma, chondroma,
- sella turcica diseases (e.g. empty sella syndrome), pituitary gland diseases and other diseases of the central nervous system,
- intracranial calcification,
- anomalies on the sagittal, frontal and occipital plane.
At the Medicover Hospital we perform different examinations of head, including X-ray of nasal bones, jaw, eye sockets, optic nerve canals, paranasal sinuses , sella turcica, and temporomandibular joints. The examinations are not invasive - after entering the indicated office, the patient only needs to take a certain position. The first trimester of pregnancy is a contraindication to head X-ray.