The offer of the Medicover Hospital comprises radiological examinations, including chest X-rays. Our clinics offer the latest digital X-rays, so obtained image is of very high quality and patient is not exposed to absorption of such a large radiation as in the classical examination.

Chest X-ray is not invasive, and it allows to accurately diagnose many health-threatening diseases. It should be carried out immediately, when patient is concerned by bothersome and long-lasting cough and complains about shortness of breath and chest pains. Many physicians also order it during upper respiratory tract infections, including pneumonia.

A properly performed chest X-ray helps:
- to determine the size of heart and aorta, as well as ventricles and auricles,
- to diagnose diseases such as emphysema, tuberculosis or the already mentioned pneumonia,
- to assess the size of lymph nodes,
- to diagnose chest injury,
- to examine condition of thoracic spine, scapulas and clavicles,
- to detect fluid in pleural cavities.

Chest X-ray does not require any special preparation. During the examination, however, it is necessary to remove the blouse or other cloth from torso. The patient cannot also wear jewellery and various metal elements that can distort the test result. Chest X-ray is performed in two positions: lateral and anterolateral.