The number of accidents at work is increasing

According to the data of the Central Statistical Office (GUS), in the first three quarters of last year the number of victims of work-related accidents at work amounted to 56,140 people. This figure is 0.7% higher than the number of injured persons in the first three quarters of 2016.

According to the data indicated in the GUS report, the businesses in which the majority of work-related accidents occurred are as follows:

Labour Code

The consequences of a number of work-related accidents at work could be less severe if the injured persons were properly assisted in a timely manner. REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR EMPLOYEES SAFE. According to the Labour Code (Section 10, Health and Safety at Work, Chapter 1: Basic duties of the employer, Art. 2091.1), an employer is obliged to appoint the employees whose task is to provide first aid procedures as well as to perform fire protection and evacuation procedures according to the fire protection regulations (regardless of the number of employed persons).

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