Vaccinations against seasonal flu - 2020/21 season - update 6.10.2020

Dear Patients,
In reference to previous information on influenza vaccinations, we would like to inform you that the distributors provide us vaccines in batches – hence, the volume of preparations that are available to us is limited.

Restrictions on access to vaccines apply to Medicover as well as to all healthcare centres in Poland.
We we feel responsible for the health of our patients, and we continue to spare no effort to get more preparations.

It is possible to book qualifying visits depending on the availability of influenza vaccines at Medicover Centres. Please check available appointments regularly in the Medicover OnLine portal or in the mobile app – just select "Vaccinations" and then click on "Influenza".

PLEASE NOTE: If you make an appointment for a qualifying visit under a different schedule than "Vaccination - Influenza" (such as, for instance, Internist), the doctor will be able to carry out a qualification and offer a presc.ription for a flu vaccine, but not a vaccination itself. The vaccine that you have purchased can be taken to any Medicover centre for an injection within 24 hours of the qualifying visit.

All patients, regardless of their subsc.ription, can be vaccinated with their own preparation. To arrange for the vaccination with your own preparation, please contact us at +48 500 900 500.

Due to the restrictions on access to vaccines, we have also launched the possibility of flu vaccination refund for patients who come with their own preparation and who have the vaccination service in their package. A vaccine presc.ription can be obtained at a telemedical consultation, using the chat service or during a visit at our centre.


To apply for a refund, please fill out the refund application form:

Date added 06.10.2020
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 21.10.2020