The second edition of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award (QSNA) was launched

The initiative is aimed at nursing students and nursing specialists. The winner will receive a scholarship of 25 thousand PLN and the possibility of an individual scholarship in Poland or in Sweden. The deadline is November 19,2017.

The Queen's Nursing Award is a scholarship established by Swedish Care International for nursing students and nursing specialists who will present the most creative solution for improving the care of the elderly. During the scholarship, which is a part of the award, the scholarship holder has the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge in many areas of care, particularly in the care of the elderly. In addition, the winner receives a scholarship of 25 thousand PLN, as well as the opportunity to present his or her project to Her Majesty the Queen of Sweden. The first edition of the competition in Poland took place last year.

My winning idea was to create an organization that would connect people willing to help the elderly and seniors. An organization that would meet the dreams of seniors to show them how important they are to society and thereby improve the quality of their lives. – said Natalia Duszeńska, the winner of the first edition of the competition.

The contestants can only approach the competition individually. Reports and ideas may be related to any project connected with the care of the elderly. These may be concepts of systemic solutions, innovative methods of care or rehabilitation, examples of facilities and any other ideas intended to improve the quality of the provided services and the comfort of working in geriatrics. Competition applications must be sent through a dedicated website

– The first edition of the competition was very popular, more than two hundred ideas to improve the care of the elderly were put forward. We are confident that the second edition will be equally fruitful - added Marcin Radziwiłł, President of the Medicover Foundation. Initiatives such as the Queen Silvia Nursing Award contribute to raising awareness of the importance of nursing, especially in the geriatric field, and to increasing the prestige of this demanding and extremely needed profession.

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award is a gift that Swedish Care International has prepared for Her Majesty the Queen of Sylvia for her seventieth birthday. Its aim is to enable the development and creativity of nursing students who take on professional care for the elderly and those with dementia. It is also an incentive towards dialogue and exchange of ideas on the level of medical care and geriatrics in Poland and its development opportunities. The organizers also want to show that nursing education, especially in the care of the elderly, leads to work that can be attractive and satisfying.

The Polish edition of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award is held under the honorary patronage of the Chief Nurses and Midwives Council. All information about the competition may be found on the website:

Founders of the award

Swedish Care International is a world-leading institution specializing in the care of the elderly and suffering from dementia. It operates in eight countries, providing training and certification to  organizations taking care of seniors.

Medicover Foundation was founded by the Medicover Group in a sense of responsibility - to fulfill the social mission. The main statutory tasks of the Foundation are: spreading knowledge about healthy and safe lifestyles, promoting prevention and correct diagnosis, shaping social awareness about the need to provide professional medical services. Based on the knowledge and experience of medicine, the focus is on educating, supporting local communities and developing programs that directly or indirectly contribute to improving health and awareness of the society. 

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