The new Medicover OnLine Patient Panel

Dear Patient! As we care for the highest quality of services, so Medicover OnLine is systematically developed. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Patient Panel and a new way of making appointments in Medicover OnLine (the desktop version).

The new, personalised Patient Panel streamlines the process of making appointments for consultations and tests/exa­mi­nations, while the clear presentation of services and quick access to key functions save time and make the use of Medicover OnLine very easy.

Log in to the Medicover OnLine app and check the new Patient Panel:

  1. Search engine for specialties and services
  2. The most frequently used functions:
  • Consultations – scheduled and completed
  • Test and/or examination results
  • e-Prescriptions
  • Referrals

These functions are available as soon as you log in – you do not have to look for them in the menu.

How to schedule a consultation now?

After selecting a specialisation, you will see:

  1. Available forms of quick consultations to choose such as:
  • Telephone Medical Advice – in order to get medical advice from a primary care doctor please call +48 500 900 510.
  • Chat with a doctor – it is a chatroom where you can, for instance, send a photo of a skin lesion you are worried about.
  • Telephone consultation arranged for a specific time.
  • New feature: Last Minute Appointment – easy access to appointments that are still available on this day.
  1. Consultations you prefer to book:
  • Scheduled telephone consultation
  • Visit at a facility

Depending on your medical need, you will receive guidance from us that will direct you either to a telephone consultation or to a visit at our centre.

Check out the new Patient Panel!

Moreover, we would like to inform you that the new way of making appointments will soon be available on the mobile app as well.

We do hope it will be a pleasure to use!



Date added 07.03.2023
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 07.03.2023