The draft guidelines for organisation of vaccinations at workplaces

On Saturday, 17 April 2021  Medicover received the draft guidelines for organisation of vaccinations at workplaces – as prepared by the government.

This document, however, is not a final regulation on vaccination at workplaces. It is an initial material for further consultations.

We would like to inform you that we have read the presented proposal and have already prepared our response to this draft regulation.

Medicover is a member of Employers of Poland (Pracodawcy RP) and, due to this membership, participates in the consultations of the document with the government. Today our representatives have participated in the videoconference organised to provide opinions on the draft guidelines. Our comments and suggestions for improvements have already been communicated through Employers of Poland.

As soon as such an opportunity arises, we will inform you about the final shape of the regulations on vaccination at workplaces. We would also like to remind you that in Medicover the registration for vaccinations at workplace premises will be made available through a special form on our website. We will inform you about the launch of the form and the launch of vaccination registrations by email as well as at

Date added 20.04.2021
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 23.04.2021