Join us and change the daily lives of children at a Pre-Adoption & Intervention Centre by redoing the Centre’s interior!

There is a great challenge facing the Medicover Foundation: to renovate the Centre’s interior! The start date of the project: 20 November 2017. You can help, too! Check how to do it.

Enter the dedicated website or contact us and help the little ones

The Pre-Adoption and Intervention Centre (IOP) in Otwock is an unusual and emotional place. It extends care over infants and newborns whose parents cannot look after them, either temporarily or permanently.

Now there is a great challenge facing the Medicover Foundation: to renovate the Centre’s interior! The start date of the project: 20 November 2017. You can help, too! On our website, you will find a list of items needed by the Centre. Even the smallest product you buy through our website will let you contribute to the much needed renovation of the Centre’s rooms!

On our website, you will also learn about the persons involved in the project and find the project’s detailed schedule, including the list of works to be implemented at the IOP Centre in Otwock. The website is designed to enable everyone to take part in the project and become ambassador of the action.

What can you do?

Please don’t hesitate to share any ideas that could boost and improve our project. If you are interested in our progress, please visit The site is in Polish at the moment, but you can follow the development via the photo coverage. To find out what equipment is needed or how you can contribute, please contact Dagmara Iwaniak, Project Manager:

As part of this project by Medicover Foundation, all people of good hearts will be able to join in and contribute by purchasing products needed to decorate and furnish the Centre. Through the dedicated website, both individuals and companies or institutions will be able to select from the list and purchase items (from small things such as picture frames to bigger items such as mattresses, rocking beds, armchairs or carpets...) which will furnish the Centre once the renovation has been completed.

Why is the IOP Centre in Otwock a special place?

It is worthwhile helping the Centre even with a small gift as it is a one-of-a-kind institution, worthy of every bit of support it receives. It is a unique support centre in Poland and the region’s only intervention institution which accepts newborns and infants in emergencies and crises: children whose parents are either temporarily or permanently unable to look after them. The Centre protects the youngest children from the negative impact of orphanhood. At the IOP Centre, two paediatricians are always available as well as a children’s neurologist. Additionally, the centre’s location is intentionally next to a hospital with a paediatric ward, which facilitates any other medical medical interventions if necessary.

The children at the IOP Centre have had a rough start already

Each year, approximately 700 newborns are abandoned in hospitals and the so-called “windows of life”. The first months of their lives are decisive in shaping the future of those newborns, and the place where they spend the initial period of life is of utmost importance. Each of the little ones at the Centre has gone through a lot already, and all children at the Centre share one experience: they have been dealt an unfair and rough start of their lives. They were found abandoned on the streets, in junk yards or in hospitals, left behind by their mothers who were unable to look after their kids. Other newborns who at the IOP Centre were taken away from their parents as they posed a threat to the health or even lives of their own children due to addiction to alcohol or drugs, mental illness or disability. 

In general, such kids are born weaker than the average newborn: they are much smaller, up to 30% are born prematurely and with illnesses, and they often suffer from birth defects.

At the Centre, such unlucky children are offered an atmosphere of care, kindness and smiles. The warmth of the place and its staff, a group of people who do their work with great dedication, offer their best to help the little ones: sensitivity, patience, care, kindness, loving touch, resourcefulness and perseverance.

However, the Pre-adoption & Intervention Centre in Otwock has been in dire need of renovation and refurbishment for a long time now. Thanks to the support of Medicover Foundation and its valuable and engaged Partners, the general renovation of the Centre will start soon, on 20 November 2017.

Let’s change the Centre’s interior and create a dream home for the little ones!

The interior redesign has been planned with great sensitivity and affection so that each square foot of the Centre can turn from a “hospital-like” institution to a homely space. After the redecoration all the rooms will be cosy so that the children can feel safe and have positive early memories. The rooms will be painted in pastel colours and furnished with new beds and toys. After the redecoration all the rooms will be cosy so that the children can feel safe and their earliest memories are positive. We will do our best and make all efforts to change the interior for the better and create a more homely, friendly and functional place. 

If you want to find out more about the special IOP Centre in Otwock, please visit the Centre’s website:

We are kindly requesting your support and extending our heartfelt thanks in advance to all those who are ready to help.

Together we can create a dream home for the little ones.


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