Family childbirth and care at our hospital

Dear Parents! We make our best effort to ensure that you and your child are not only comfortable but also as safe as possible. Implementing additional procedures has helped us maintain operational continuity so that more babies are safely born here every day.


Upon entering the ward, the person accompanying a patient is asked to sign a commitment document to comply with the procedures in force at the ward.

On admission to the Obstetrics Ward, a patient and their accompanying person are not required to perform a routine diagnostic test for COVID-19. However, the SARS-CoV-2 antigen test may be performed if a person shows symptoms of the infection or there is a high risk of the presence of this virus.

Patients are admitted to the Ward regardless of the test result.

When all personnel are aware of the infection, it makes it possible for us to take better care of the patient and the newborn baby, increase precautions and apply a stricter sanitary regime to minimise the risk of infection spreading to the staff.

The health condition of an accompanying person is checked by us at the entrance and regularly throughout their stay. We also provide them with all the necessary personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.).


Knowing the importance of experiencing childbirth together, we still offer the option of family births. In the case of spontaneous childbirth, we allow an accompanying person to be present in the delivery room.

Caesarean sections: an accompanying person may be present in the operating room during the procedure, provided that both conditions specified below are met:

  • the person wears a proper outfit: disposable clothing, shoe covers, a cap and a face mask, which must be worn for the entire stay at the operating room; and
  • complies with all instructions of the staff.


An accompanying person may be present at the hospital up to four hours after delivery in the case of staying in a single room or until the day of the patient’s and child’s discharge in the case of staying in the family room.

An accompanying person is required to:

  • always wear a face mask that tightly covers the nose and mouth – the mask can only be removed in the recovery room, when staff members are not present;
  • disinfect hands;
  • maintain social distancing;
  • strictly follow the instructions of the hospital staff.

During medical procedures (e.g. anaesthesia administration), the staff may ask the accompanying person to leave the delivery room.

The accompanying person is obliged to undergo a body temperature measurement at the request of the staff.


  • Visiting hours are from 8:00 to 20:00 – seven days a week.
  • The DDM rules apply: D – distance, D – disinfection, M – mask.
  • Visits to the Obstetrics and Neonatology Wards of children below 10 years old are not recommended.
  • In special situations, decisions about visits are made by the doctor on duty.
  • The remaining rules regarding visits are available in the Visitor Policy of Medicover Hospital.

The above rules and policies are in line with the current Regulation of the Medical Director of the Hospital. The text of the Regulation is available at the Hospital.

Updated on 15 May 2022

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