The Elite package offers comprehensive outpatient care, unlimited home visits, hospital treatment and medical care abroad. There are additional, small fees charged per service used.

The package includes:

  • basic healthcare: internal medicine doctors, paediatricians, and family doctors – 15 PLN additional fee per appointment
  • specialist healthcare (67 specialties), including: allergists, andrologists, anaesthetists, angiologists, general surgeons, dermatologists, diabetologists, endocrinologists, phoniatrists, gastrologists, gynaecologists, immunologists, cardiosurgeons, cardiologists, laryngologists, sports medicine physicians, rehabilitation physicians, neonatologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, ophthalmologists, oncologists, orthopaedic surgeons, orthoptists, pathomorphologists, proctologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, rheumatologists, metabolic disease specialists, urologists, and thoracic surgeons – 15 PLN additional fee per appointment
  • care of a dieticians, speech therapists, speech-language neuropathologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and sexologists (appointment limit) – 15 PLN additional fee per appointment
  • emergency medical consultations: general physicians, paediatricians, surgeons and orthopaedists – 15 PLN additional fee per appointment
  • comprehensive ambulatory procedures
  • comprehensive diagnostic examinations, including: visual acuity test, cholesterol, cytology, rest ECG, glucose, analysis of lipids, complete blood count, Troponin test, and specialist laboratory tests (biochemistry, haematology, hormones, immunology, markers, bacterial cultures, allergy blood test panels, and faeces examination)
  • comprehensive diagnostic examinations: mammography, ECG, Holter, EEG, a wide scope of ultrasonography and X-ray examinations, biopsies, densitometry, laryngological diagnostics, diagnostics of the urinary system, spirometry, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopic examinations, Doppler ultrasonography, scintigraphies, and eye fundus examination – 15 PLN additional fee per examination
  • a package of examinations for pregnant women (including obstetric ultrasonography – at an additional fee of 15 PLN)
  • physiotherapy (30 per year)
  • medical care when travelling abroad (for patients under 70 years of age)
  • anti-influenza vaccination – 15 PLN additional fee for the qualification
  • a preventive care home visit - 15 PLN additional fee per visit
  • unlimited home visits –- 15 PLN additional fee per appointment
  • one free dental check-up
  • one free dental deep cleaning appointment
  • emergency medical assistance – Hot Line Medicover 24/7
  • emergency service and medical transport
  • hospital diagnostics: biochemistry, hormones, and bacterial cultures
  • hospital diagnostics, including: biopsies, cytology, cardiac diagnostics, endoscopic diagnostics, and ultrasonography – additional fee of 15 PLN per sevice
  • highly specialised procedures (implemented as ambulatory services or one-day surgery procedures) –additional fee of 500 PLN per hospital stay hospital treatment (surgeries and procedures in general surgery, gynaecology, internal medicine, cardiology, laryngology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, urology and comprehensive hospital diagnostics) – additional payment of 500 PLN per hospital stay

Additional benefits:

  • a 15% discount for services not covered by the package and available in Medicover Centres
  • a 10% discount for conservative and surgical dental services
  • a 15% discount for tooth bleaching
  • a 20% discount for dental deep cleaning
  • a 5% discount for services not covered by the package and available in the Medicover Hospital
  • a 5% discount for childbirth in the Medicover Hospital
  • arranging visits by phone or via the Internet
  • ordering presc.riptions by phone or via the Internet
  • reminders about arranged visits (SMS, e-mail)
  • on-line advice and videoconsultations with primary care physicians
  • access to Medicover Express – medical consultation on the same day
  • access to Medicover OnLine patient’s portal
  • choosing a package with additional fees per used service lowers your monthly premium cost