Care of pregnant women

We know that as a future mother, you require special care and attention. We would like to reassure you that you are in good hands. We make every effort to take the best care of you. You can be calm about your health and fully enjoy this important period in your life.

Trust us – your health and safety are the most important for us at the moment.


You can arrange a check-up visit to your gynaecologist according to the established plan. The majority of Medicover Centres work normally. Before coming for your visit, please check the website for the latest information on working hours and the range of services available.

As we feel responsible for your health, we recommend that you stay at home and get the medical advice from your doctor over the telephone.

We encourage you to switch from a regular visit at a centre to a telephone consultation with a doctor. You can arrange such a call quickly and conveniently using the Medicover OnLine app. Just set up a specific day and time – and the doctor will call you.

During the telephone consultation, the doctor will conduct an interview and provide you with recommendations. The doctor may issue an e-Presc.ription and/or an electronic sick leave. If your condition requires a visit at our centre, you will receive a relevant e-Referral for such a specialist consultation.

However, if you decide to come to the centre, please remember about important prevention rules

  1. As far as your health allows for that, please do not come to the centre with any accompanying persons. Please take care of your safety as well as their safety.
  2. As soon as you enter the centre, please take off your coat or jacket and put it in the designated place.
  3. Wash or disinfect your hands. A special disinfectant liquid is available in all reception areas and waiting rooms. You can wash your hands in toilets with soap and warm water.
  4. Keep a distance of 1-1.5 meters from the reception desk staff and other patients.
  5. Take care of cough hygiene – cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or cough/sneeze into a bent elbow. After using the tissue, throw it away immediately, and wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly.
  6. If you have a runny nose, after each use of a tissue please throw it away, and wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly. Disposable tissues are available in every reception area and in waiting rooms.
  7. If you are coughing and/or you have a fever, please put on a hygiene mask. Please ask for it at the reception desk.
  8. Avoid touching surfaces that could have been touched by others. After touching a surface, please wash or disinfect your hands. 
  9. Please do not make any appointments at the reception desk during your stay at the centre – use the Medicover OnLine app instead (

Schools and kindergartens are closed now so a number of our doctors have to take care of their children. Consequently, it may be the case that we will have to cancel your visit.

If your appointment gets cancelled, we will call you to suggest another date and time for a consultation or offer telephone consultation with your doctor.


All the check-ups can be performed according to your doctor's instructions. The blood collection units at our healthcare centres work as usual. Before visiting our facility, please visit to check the updated working hours as they might have changed.

If you want to postpone the tests for a later date, please ask your doctor about it. Use the "Send a message to the doctor" option in the Medicover OnLine app (

When coming for your consultation at the centre, please remember about important prevention rules that we have specified in the section above (Follow-up gynaecology consultation).


You can perform the ultrasound as planned. If you have any doubts whether you can postpone it, please ask your doctor about it. Use the "Send a message to the doctor" option in the Medicover OnLine app (


Out of concern for the health and safety of our patients and the protection of our staff working at our healthcare centres, we have implemented certain measures to minimise the risk of the coronavirus infection spread.

At your visit to Medicover you can feel safe.

For our common safety, we have raised safety standards at our medical centres.

  1. At all reception desks of Medicover Centres we have introduced temperature measurements and additional medical history interviews. Any patient with higher body temperature or symptoms of infection will be immediately isolated and diagnosed by a doctor in a separate room prepared for that purpose.
  2. All our medical, non-medical and home visits staff are subjected to mandatory temperature measurements before they start their work. In case of an increased temperature, such an employee will not begin to perform their duties – he or she will be isolated and will leave the healthcare centre.
  3. Special protective screens have been set up at reception desks.
  4. In all reception areas and waiting rooms, special hand disinfectant has been made available to all our patients.
  5. We have implemented a "safe distance zone" in reception areas. We educate patients to keep a distance of 1-1.5 meters from reception staff and other patients in waiting rooms.
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