American Clinic Warsaw

The American Clinic Warsaw is a newly-established medical facility at the premises of the Medicover Hospital in the district of Wilanów in Warsaw. The clinic is unique in Poland as it offers medical care for the citizens of all the countries of the world – especially for people who value comfort and individual approach, and look for personalised medical care. We are guided by international standards and create new quality in the categories of medical services and patient care.

At our Clinic, every single patient – regardless of their nationality, language and culture – feels comfortably and safely. The feeling of comfort is ensured by both our perfect equipment of the newest generation, the minimum of formalities, and also by the ease of communication and access to renown specialists from Poland and from abroad.

Our patients are guaranteed to get comprehensive care – detailed diagnoses, appropriate treatment, financial settlement with insurance companies, and collection of related documentation (which can be translated into English if needed).

A disease is difficult and stressful for each person. This hard time may be especially tense for people who stay far away from their home countries with different customs, and it is only the foreign language they can hear now. For this reason, we would like the American Clinic Warsaw to be equivalent to the healthcare that our patients can get in their home countries and to which they are accustomed.

At our clinic we speak various languages, we respect cultural differences, and our doctors devote as much time to the patients as is expected of them.