A faster triage procedure at the Medicover Wołoska Centre

We are pleased to announce that starting from 18 February 2021 we are beginning the implementation of a pilot project concerning the new triage procedure for patients of the Medicover Wołoska Centre.

To enter the centre without having your condition re-assessed, please scan the QR code confirming the completion of the compulsory medical questionnaire. The QR code will be displayed on your smartphone.

What does the triage process at Medicover look like

Currently, in order to make an appointment at the Medicover Centre:

  • you have to fill in the compulsory medical questionnaire;
  • if the result of the questionnaire shows that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms, you can make an appointment at the centre;
  • when you enter the Centre, your health is re-assessed by a Medicover triage specialist;
  • they take your temperature and ask you a few questions.

Upon successful verification, you can visit your doctor or have your examination/test.

What changes are introduced in the new triage process

Having filled in the compulsory health questionnaire in the Medicover OnLine app, you will receive a QR code which you can open in the app. When entering the Medicover Wołoska Centre, you scan the QR code at the gate using Medicover OnLine. As a result, your health will not have to be re-assessed by a Medicover triage specialist.

How to open the QR code in Medicover OnLine

  1. Log in to Medicover OnLine
  2. Go to the “My Visits” tab
  3. You will find a QR code next to your scheduled appointment. Open it
  4. Scan the code at the gate when entering the Medicover Wołoska Centre

Will the new triage method be introduced permanently at all centres

The pilot project we begin at the Medicover Wołoska Centre is intended to test the new process. During the project, improvements will be introduced based on feedback received from participating patients. As a result, a comprehensive solution for all Medicover centres will be developed.


Date added 17.02.2021
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 17.02.2021