Dear Patients! Starting from 06 September 2022, we are opening registration for flu vaccinations.

We recommend to make an appointment for the vaccination from September 6th in the Medicover OnLine app - by selecting "BOOK A VISIT" in the menu, then the "VACCINATIONS" tile, and the "FLU" option.

We will make qualification visits available successively. Up-to-date information will be published on our website.

At the same time, let us remind you that this year we do not allow flu vaccinations for patients who bring their own preparations and ask for reimbursement of the preparation costs.

Why vaccinate against flu during the pandemic?

Another infectious season is starting – during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccination is the most effective method of combating infectious diseases.

We encourage all Medicover patients to prepare for the upcoming infectious season and get vaccinated not only against influenza, but also against COVID-19, whooping cough, and pneumococcal disease.

With greetings

Medicover team

Date added 31.08.2022
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