Dorota Kruszyk, Senior Payroll & Benefits Specialist at Grupa OLX Sp. Z o. o. has been using the e-Member app for 3 years now. Continue reading to see how Dorota benefits from the e-Invoice and e-Member app every day.


How long have you been using the e-Member app?

I have been using the e-Member app for 3 years now. I can even remember its previous version.

How does the application make your everyday work easier?

The app enables me to manage the healthcare for our employees on my own. I create new packages, make changes to existing ones or close them whenever I need to. With the e-Member app, I have full control over our employees’ healthcare plans without involving any other persons. Also, the app is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

Do you use the e-Invoice module? If yes, what encouraged you to use it?

I certainly do! The time-saving factor has definitely played a major role. I get the invoice the moment I issue it. In addition, I may transfer the invoice to our accounting department electronically. And if an invoice is accidentally lost, I may download it again any time, because it is saved in the system.

Is it difficult to use the e-Invoice module?

Absolutely not. I simply download the invoice from the invoice list. There is also a specification attached to all the invoices. With this app, I finally have everything in one place.

What other features do you find helpful in your daily work?

For me, all the features are helpful, especially the one that allows me to add new employees and manage the list of people covered by healthcare services.

Would you recommend using e-Invoice to others?

Certainly, because it is a very convenient solution. Actually, I wonder if there is anyone left who is not using it.

What would you say to those who are considering using the e-Member app and e-Invoice?

There isn’t much to think about! I can’t imagine not having the app and the direct access to the list of our employees covered by Medicover healthcare.

Is there anything in this solution we could improve to make it easier for you to manage the healthcare of your employees?

I use the additional field “Employee’s ID”. Unfortunately, when I change the packages, I cannot generate the numbers in the VAT invoice specification, although they are displayed in the employee’s account. I hope this will be improved in the future. Everything else about the app is just great!