Dzień Babci i Dziadka - podaruj dziadkom zdrowie w prezencie!

Dzień Babci i Dziadka już wkrótce a Ty wciąż nie masz pomysłu na prezent? Szukasz czegoś wyjątkowego by podziękować dziadkom za ich opiekę, troskę i miłość? W tym roku podaruj im zdrowie w prezencie!
Dzień Babci i Dziadka - podaruj dziadkom zdrowie w prezencie!
Grandmother Day and Grandfather Day are just around the corner, and you still miss an idea for a gift? Are you looking for something exceptional to thank your grandparents for their care, attention, and love? This year, give your grandparents a gift of health!

As people get older, their immunity naturally decreases, and the risk of diseases goes up. The first complaints are usually related to hearing, sight – and heart, circulatory system, and respiratory system. The lack of regular medical consultations and check-ups may lead to development of serious diseases – so it makes sense to take care of the health of your grandparents before serious health problems appear.

Thinking about health of seniors, Medicover has prepared an offer of “Health” packages to provide medical care without the need of referrals, queues, or without any age limits.

Now, within each of the four packages, your grandparents may select from a wide range of medical consultations, and have regular laboratory tests and diagnostic examinations – and they also get access to telephone advice service, online consultations, and home visits.
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