The eye examination at Medicover Optyk showrooms in Wrocław includes a detailed interview with a patient, a comprehensive examination of the visual system parameters and selection of an appropriate spectacle design. The examinations are carried out exclusively by qualified optometrists using modern ophthalmic equipment.

Make an appointment for an examination in Wrocław

We perform eye examinations in two optical showrooms located in the centre of Wrocław - in Globis building and in Tarasy Grabiszyńskie shopping centre.

Patients with a Medicover subsc.ription may book a visit in the chosen location by logging on to Medicover OnLine, using Medicover mobile application or by calling the helpline (500 900 925). Patients who do not have a Medicover subsc.ription can purchase the examination at MediStore.

Zadzwoń - 500 900 925 Zarezerwuj badanie wzroku

Where are the examinations in Wrocław available?

What instruments we use for the examination

During the examinations we use modern ophthalmological equipment which not only allows us to check all parameters in an accurate manner, but also speeds up the whole examination process. The instruments we have at our disposal:

  • Phoropter (the equipment with which we carry out most of the tests during the examination),
  • Autorefractokeratometer (a device for so-called computerised eye examination),
  • Slit lamp (otherwise known as a biomicroscope - used to check eye health for contact lens selection, among other things),
  • Trial frame with a set of sample lenses
  • A display with boards for checking visual acuity
  • Skiascopes, ophthalmoscopes
  • Accommodative flippers
  • And many others