The eye examination at a Medicover Optyk showroom in Łódź includes a detailed interview with a patient, a comprehensive examination of the visual system parameters and selection of an appropriate spectacle design. The examinations are carried out exclusively by qualified optometrists using modern ophthalmic equipment.

Make an appointment for an examination in Łódź

Eye examinations in Łódź are carried out at the Medicover Optyk showroom located in the Cross Point building (former Próchnik building) in the Zarzew district.

Patients with a Medicover subsc.ription may book a visit in the chosen location by logging on to Medicover OnLine, using Medicover mobile application or by calling the helpline (500 900 925). Patients who do not have a Medicover subsc.ription can purchase the examination at MediStore.


Where are the examinations in Łódź available?

Łódź Al. Śmigłego - Rydza 20, Cross Point building

How long does an eye examination take

The eye examination involves not only determining visual acuity, but also interviewing the patient in detail and checking various visual functions. This is why the examination at Medicover Optyk takes 30 minutes.