Vaccinations against seasonal flu - 2020/21 season

Dear Patients,
We would like to inform you that on 01 October 2020 we are beginning to register patients for influenza vaccinations. Priority is given to our subsc.ription Patients.

Medicover patients with a flu vaccination included in their subsc.ription packages can make qualification appointments: 

We also would like to inform you that the manufacturers and distributors supply the vaccines in batches, and the number of vaccines is limited. Consequently, according to the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the National Institute of Public Health*, we recommend that vaccinations should be administered, first of all, to:

  • Patients with chronic conditions, especially diseases of heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, nervous system, or diabetic patients,
  • pregnant women,
  • persons aged 55 (or older),
  • children under 5 years of age,
  • individuals who have close professional contact with children, seniors, customers, large groups of employees,
  • healthcare professionals and support personnel.

We also would like to inform you that we refund influenza vaccinations to Patients who come for appointments with their own preparation and who have the vaccination service in their package. A vaccine presc.ription can be obtained during a telemedical consultation, using a chat service or during a visit at our healthcare centre.

The vaccine should be stored according to the manufacturer's recommendations, i.e. at the temperature from 2 to 8°C.**

To apply for a refund, please fill out the refund application form:


We would like to remind you about the possibility of registering for other recommended preventive vaccinations, e.g. against pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus, as well as against pneumococci. All these vaccinations can be administered during one visit at Medicover.

Please consult your Medicover doctor about vaccinations against infectious diseases and indications for influenza vaccination – the communication may take place in a chat room, over the telephone, or during your visit at our centre.


* Preventive Vaccinations Programme 2020

** Moreover, the vaccine should be transported in a thermal insulation package if the transport will last longer than 60 minutes or if the transport is carried out in the air temperature of 25°C degrees (or higher).


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