Urinalysis result provides plenty of significant information on the urinary tract function and constitutes an indirect source of knowledge on the function of other organs and systems of the human body.

Urine culture is a test performed in order to verify whether the urine sample contains bacteria, to specify their species and their antibiotic susceptibility (the so-called antibiogram is prepared).

Preparation for the test


  • Before the collection begins, arrange for a disposable (urinalysis) or sterile container (urine culture). The containers are available in the collection points or can be purchased in a pharmacy.
  • The urine for both types of test is to be collected in the morning, after a night's rest.
  • Before a urine sample is collected, it is necessary to use warm water and soap to thoroughly wash your hands and then the outlet of the urethra (in women: around the vulva, from the front towards the anus, while in men: the tip of the penis after retracting the foreskin). Use a disposable towel to wipe it dry. The purpose of these strict hygiene measures is to get rid of bacteria from the surface of the body, which could otherwise falsify the test results once they get into the sample.
  • It is necessary to collect the so-called midstream specimen of urine (MSU) – start emptying your bladder into the toilet, collect the middle stream into the container and stop collecting when almost done emptying.
  • A sample for general analysis should measure from 50 to 100 millilitres. A sample for a urine culture test can measure a few millilitres.
  • The container with the freshly collected urine sample for either of the tests should be tightly closed and delivered to the collection point as soon as possible. If it is not possible to deliver it immediately, the container should be placed in a fridge and delivered to the laboratory when possible. In the case of urine culture test, the sample cannot remain in the fridge for more than 2 hours.

Babies and young children

  • It is best to collect a urine sample in the morning, right after feeding.
  • Remove the child’s nappy and thoroughly wash the outlet of the urethra (in girls: around the vulva, from the front towards the anus, while in boys: the tip of the penis after retracting the foreskin).
  • Raise the child and massage the back muscles from the top down, along the spine.
  • This activity should be performed in a warm room (the muscles will take less time to relax and your child will avoid catching a cold).
  • When the child starts to pass urine, the middle stream should be collected – like in the case of adults – into a suitable container.