The 2016 Medicover Foundation Report is taking part in the Corporate Responsibility Forum's Social Reports competition

The Medicover Foundation Report was entered in the 11th edition of the competition for the best social reports. Online voting lasts from 16.08 through 17.09. We invite you to read the Report and submit your vote.

Online voting in the Social Reports competition takes place on the website: Here you can view all the reports entered in the contest. Among them is the 2016 MEDICOVER FOUNDATION REPORT on the operations of the Foundation. The voters are asked to choose the three best reports. 

To submit your vote you must enter your email address and click on the link that will be sent to your email address. This is important, because without this confirmation your vote will not be counted. Voting runs from 16 August through 17 September. The report with the most votes will receive the Internet Audience Award.

The Medicover Foundation Report includes an overview of all initiatives and activities of the Foundation in 2016 - from its largest programs, such as PoZdro!, the National Prevention Program for Diabetes and Lifestyle Diseases, and the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, through numerous volunteer and support projects, events, and campaigns involving the Foundation. The Report also presents the Medicover Association in Romania, an integral part of the Foundation, which recently launched its operations and is currently implementing the country’s first program for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, based on the PoZdro! Program. The Report also mentions our sports projects, including last year's 4th edition of the charity Bike Rally "Together Against Type 2 Diabetes". In total, thanks to a group of 600 volunteers from the Medicover Foundation, in 2016 the organisation helped over 44,000 people within 44 projects.

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The winners of the Internet Audience Award, as well as the remaining categories (Main Prize, Best Debut, the Journalists’ Award, the Minister of Development Award, Distinctions), will be announced in early October. Publications submitted to the Social Reports Competition, in categories other than the Internet Audience Award, will be voted on by the judges. The winning reports will also have the opportunity to compete in the Deloitte Green Frog Awards (GFA) – a competition for best non-financial reports in Central Europe.

The Medicover Foundation Report is one of 44 reports entered in this year's competition. These include 2 reports from corporate foundations, 40 reports from companies, as well as one report each from a non-governmental organisation and a public institution.

The Social Reports Competition has been held since 2007. It is organised by the Corporate Responsibility Forum and Deloitte. The main aim of the competition is to draw attention to the importance of non-financial reporting and to identify good practices in this area. Itdistinguishes companies that are not only capable of conducting business while considering the interests of society and the environment, but are also able to present their findings in a clear, transparent and credible way in their published reports.

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