Take part in the Yellow Week vaccination campaign at Medicover Centres!

Do you have eat meals in random places and drink beverages with ice cubes? Are you fine with cosmetic treatment? In each of these situations, you can get infected with hepatitis. Do not underestimate this risk. Get yourself vaccinated against hepatitis A and B!
Take part in the Yellow Week vaccination campaign at Medicover Centres!

Vaccination is one of the most effective methods of preventing hepatits.

You can get vaccinated with a combined vaccine, which immunises you against both types of the virus (3 doses), or with single vaccines: against hepatitis A (2 doses) and hepatitis B (3 doses).

Promotional vaccination price

During the ‘Yellow Week’, we offer the vaccines at promotional prices. Each patient who receives the first dose of the vaccine during the campaign will also receive remaining doses at a promotional price.

How to take part in vaccination campaign?

To make an appointment for vaccination, please call us at 500 900 500. The first dose of the vaccine can be administered between 5.10.2015 and 16.10.2015

Remaining doses:

  • The 2nd dose: a month after the first dose
  • The 3rd dose: 6 months after the first dose

Our campaign is for everyone

The ‘Yellow Week’ campaign is available for all patients, including those who are not covered by Medicover medical care.

Invite your friends to join the campaign. They can also get vaccinated at a promotional price.

We are looking forward to your visit at Medicover Centres!
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