Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have been continuously providing medical services.

Guided by concern for the health of our patients and ensuring the highest safety standards since the beginning of the epidemic, we have been continuously providing medical services both remotely and at Medicover Centres.

Consultations with internists and paediatricians 

Available as telemedical consultations and visits at our healthcare centres.

How to get telemedical advice from an internist or a paediatrician:

  • you can make an appointment for a specific day and time using the Medicover OnLine app or calling our hotline at +48 500 900 500 and the doctor will call you back, or
  • consult a doctor without making an appointment by calling the Telephone Medical Advice at +48 500 900 510 – and speak with a doctor, or
  • use the chat service at the Medicover OnLine app ( and speak with a doctor.

And if the patient has already visited a doctor and now just wants to consult the current health condition, treatment, need for examination or visit, the patient can use the functionality "Ask a question" available at the Medicover OnLine app.

Specialist consultations 

Available as telemedical consultations and visits at our healthcare centres.

How to arrange a consultation with a specialist:

  • you can make an appointment for a specific day and time using the Medicover OnLine app or calling our hotline at +48 500 900 500 and the doctor will call you back, or
  • use the chat service at the Medicover OnLine app (

Currently, Medicover patients can get telemedical advice from doctors of as many as 67 speciali­sations (including 20 paediatric specialisations).

During the telephone consultation, the doctor conducts a medical interview and provides the patient with recommendations. The doctor may issue an e-Presc.ription and, if necessary, an electronic sick leave. If the patient's health condition requires it, the doctor issues an e-Referral for additional tests and/or consultations at Medicover.

Laboratory tests, X-ray and USG (gynaecological, orthopaedic, other), cytology, CTG, audiometry 

All these tests and examinations are carried out at Medicover Centres in line with the recommen­dations of doctors who issued e-Referrals. Blood drawing points at Medicover work according to their regular schedules. If a patient wants to perform examinations at a later date, we have extended the validity of all issued referrals by 3 months.

Home visits

We keep on carrying out home visits due to medical indications. The doctor who comes to a home visit wears coveralls, a protective mask, a face shield, and gloves. Home visits to patients with suspected COVID-19 or quarantined patients are not available. In this case, we inform patients that they should contact a Medicover doctor by telephone or go directly to an infectious hospital avoiding public transport. You can make an appointment for a home visit by calling the Emergency Medical Help – Medicover Hotline at +48 500 900 999.

Pregnancy management and postnatal care 

We provide constant care during the pregnancy in accordance with the plan of consultations and check-ups; after the delivery, we provide post-natal checks. For all pregnant patients we have created additional, safe solutions – dedicated blood drawing points at Medicover Centres and telephone advice of a midwife.

Mandatory and recommended vaccinations for children and teenagers

Vaccinations can be administered according to the vaccination calendar. We know how important vaccinations are for the healthy development of children. For this reason, we have introduced regular proactive vaccination reports to cover all our little Medicover patients. On the basis of such reports, the nurse coordinating the implementation of mandatory vaccinations contacts the parents of a child who should take the first (or the next) dose of vaccination in order to arrange the date and time of a vaccination visit.

Dental services

As one of the few, from the very beginning of the epidemic we have kept our dental offices open, providing our patients with access to urgent dental visits. Currently, we also carry out visits in the field of endodontics, surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, and implantology. Furthermore, we have implemented a safe solution in the form of online dental advice provided by Medicover Dentistry experts. During the telemedical consultation, the doctor provides the patients with recommendation. The doctor may also issue an e-Presc.ription and, if necessary, an e-Referral for additional examinations. Please call us at +48 500 900 603 to book an appointment for a visit at a centre or telemedical consultation.

Occupational medicine examinations 

We continuously carry out examinations at Medicover Centres according to the current principles and recommendations of the Chief Labour Inspectorate. 


Safety of visits at Medicover healthcare centres

As we care for the health and safety of our patients and our staff, we have introduced increased safety standards during the epidemic to ensure safe use of our services at healthcare centres.

  1. Next to the entrance area of Medicover Centres, our visitors’ body temperature is measured and additional medical interview for preliminary diagnosis of potential symptoms of COVID-19 infection is made. A patient with higher temperature or symptoms of infection is immediately isolated and admitted by the doctor in a separate room.
  2. All our medical, non-medical and home visits staff are subjected to mandatory check of potential symptoms of infection before they start their work. If the symptoms occur, such an employee will not begin to perform their duties – he or she will be isolated immediately and will leave the healthcare centre.
  3. Special protective screens have been set up at reception desks.
  4. In all reception areas and waiting rooms, special hand disinfectant has been made available to our patients.
  5. All reception desks can provide our patients with protective face masks.
  6. We keep on instructing the patients to maintain at least two-metre distance from the reception staff and other patients in the waiting room.

Additional safety procedures to ensure a safe stay for children at Medicover

  1. In every town and/or city, we have nominated a Medicover Centre that admits healthy children only. Such a centre does not provide services for patients with symptoms of infection. If we were not able to separate the Medicover Centre in a given town – all healthy children are admitted only at certain hours when the patients with symptoms of an infection are not allowed at the centre.
  2. We have implemented regular disinfection procedures of doctors’ offices and weekly ozone treatment of the whole area of all Medicover Centres.
  3. We have extended the intervals between visits of healthy children so that the number of people in the waiting rooms is as low as possible.
  4. We have shortened (to a necessary minimum) the time that the child and the parent stay at the doctor’s office and on the premises of the centre.
  5. Before each vaccination visit, we have introduced an epidemiological telephone interview and vaccination qualification so that only healthy persons come to the centre.
  6. We administer the maximum number of vaccinations during one visit to limit the number of vaccination visits.
  7. At the consultation, the doctor accepts a child with only one healthy carer. Please make sure that the carer wears a protective face mask on the face when on the premises of a Medicover Centre.
  8. We have introduced stricter procedures for the medical staff to follow the rules of using the personal protective equipment and hand hygiene - obligatory wearing of surgical masks, face shields, protective gloves, daily replacement of protective clothing.
Date added 30.04.2020
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