Medicover Senior

Medicover Healthcare Services continuously invests in highly specialised medical care and extends its offer with new services. The mission of the dedicated Long-Term Care Department created last year is to comprehensively satisfy the needs of the seniors and their families within the framework of one organisation based on open communication, partnership, respect for values, and credibility.

In response to the diverse needs related to the health and the maintenance of self-dependence of seniors, Medicover Senior offers four (4) types of services.

  • Geriatric Clinic – addressing the needs of persons who are fit but in need of constant medical care due to one or more co-existing chronic conditions.
  • Home Care – these services are provided at the home of the patient and targeted to people with an average level of fitness. Their objective is to support patients who are having problems with self-dependence. The support involves doing household activities (such as laundry, cleaning, and shopping) and self-care (preparation and eating meals, maintaining personal hygiene). In times of deterioration of the health status these services are supported by medical services – visits of doctors, nurses, and rehabilitation.
  • Day-care – offered to persons with fairly low self-dependence. Patients do not remain permanently at the daily stay facilities. Therapeutic activities are carried out at certain times of the stay, after which the patient returns home. This type of care is primarily a solution for people suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. During the day the patient is under the care of qualified staff. In addition, activities aimed at maintaining the self-dependence of the patient are carried out. The patient returns home for the evening and the night.
  • Inpatient Care (nursing homes) – addressing the needs of persons with low self-dependence, requiring 24-hour access to qualified nursing and medical staff.

Due to the comprehensive offer of Medicover Senior, patients can benefit from various forms of care according to the changing needs, while maintaining its continuity. This continuity means, in practice, primarily the flow of information about the patient, coordination of services, and often being under the care of the same well-known staff.

In Warsaw Medicover Senior provides outpatient, home care, and day-time stay services. Outside Warsaw – in Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź, and Gdańsk we have launched comprehensive home care.

Research shows that 100% of people who use home care services provided by Medicover Senior in Warsaw would recommend our services to their family or friends.

For the loved ones of Medicover patients – their parents, grandparents, and other relatives, we have created a special program called “Close to the Loved Ones”, from which you can now benefit under promotional terms and conditions.