Safe visits at Medicover Centres

As we care for the health and safety of patients and medical staff during the epidemic, we have implemented higher safety standards
  1. In the entrance area at Medicover Centres, the temperature of all visitors is measured and medical questionnaire is required to be filled out in order to make an initial diagnosis of potential symptoms of COVID-19 and to assess the risk of virus transmission. Any patient with the higher body temperature or symptoms of infection is immediately isolated and consulted by the doctor in a separate room.
  2. We have put protective screens at the reception desk.
  3. All patients with symptoms of infection who require physical examination by a doctor are redirected to special Medicover Express offices. These appointments are arranged in a way to separate them in time and space from the remaining schedules at the centre. The patients are referred to such visits during a telemedical consultation.
  4. All members of our medical and non-medical staff at Medicover Centres are diagnosed for potential symptoms of the infection before they start their work – if symptoms are identified, an employee does not start to work.
  5. We have introduced stricter procedures for medical personnel to comply with the rules of personal protective equipment and hand hygiene - obligatory wearing of a surgical mask, face shield, protective gloves and protective clothing.
  6. The offices at our healthcare centres are regularly disinfected. In the corridors and offices there are UV-C lamps – they kill bacteria and viruses.
  7. In justified cases, over the weekends we use dry hydrogen to fog our medical centres for disinfection purposes. Fumigators ensure high effectiveness of disinfection.
  8. We educate patients to stay at least 2 meters away from the reception staff and other patients in the waiting room. All visitors at our centres are required to wear protective masks and disinfect hands.

Additionally, we have implemented special safety procedures to ensure that all children at Medicover Centres are safe.

  1. In each town we have designated Medicover Centres for medical consultations for healthy children. At some facilities we have separate entrances to paediatric units, and the services for children is completely separated from the remaining part of the centre. If we do not have such an option in a given town, appointments for healthy children at the facility take place only at certain hours when there are no patients with symptoms of infection at the centre.
  2. We have made the intervals between visits of healthy children longer so that there are as few people as possible in the waiting room.
  3. We have shortened to minimum the time of a child’s and guardian’s stay at the doctor’s office and on the premises of the centre.
  4. We administer the maximum number of vaccines at one appointment to limit the number of vaccination visits.
  5. One healthy guardian is accepted to accompany a child during a visit, and we make sure that the guardian is wearing a protective face mask while staying at a Medicover Centre.
Date added 20.03.2020
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 11.12.2020