New spring/summer 2019 collections at Medicover Optician showrooms

Wearing glasses, whether corrective lenses or sunglasses, is not only beneficial to your health, but also a great way to show off your style and personality.

What types of frames are in this spring?

Visit the Medicover Optician showrooms and see what's in this season! The new spring/summer 2019 collection is now available. Among some of the fancy new models you will find retro-style and "fly-style" frames, as well as sporty aviators. These are some of the brands we offer:

  • Ray Ban
  • Guess
  • Dolce&Gabbana
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Carrera

If we don’t carry your favourite brand we can order it for you on request.

Get advice from a specialist

It’s not easy to choose the right model from among the numerous designs, colours and styles. That is why we help our customers choose the perfect glasses based on their health needs, face shape, personal style and budget.

Visit a Medicover Optician showroom and find something for yourself!


  • Medicover Optician, ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 1
  • Medicover Optician, Jerozolimskie 96 (ground floor)
  • Medicover Optician, Rzeczypospolitej 5
  • Medicover Optician, ul. Racławicka 27
  • Medicover Optician, ul. Grochowska 306/308


  • Medicover Optician, ul. Grabiszyńska 240


  • Medicover Optician, al. E. Rydza - Śmigłego 20


  • Medicover Optician, Graniczna 54


  • Medicover Optician, Al. Grunwaldzka 472E (Olivia Business Park)
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