New Medicover Stomatologia dental clinics in Warsaw and Gdańsk

In January, we are opening two new Medicover Stomatologia dental clinics in Warsaw and Gdańsk. In order to ensure access to dentists of all specialisations at the same address, we are developing a chain of dental clinics throughout the country.

We are pleased to inform that on 02 January 2019 and 14 January 2019 we are opening new Medicover Stomatologia dental clinics in Warsaw and in Gdańsk, respectively.

Location of new dental clinics

In Warsaw, the new clinic is located in Mokotów at Wołoska 22A, and in Gdańsk at Grunwaldzka 472E in Park Olivia Business Centre. Wołoska Medicover Centre (Warsaw) and Grunwaldzka Medicover Centre (Gdańsk) are located near the new clinics.

Taking into account high interest in services and due to the character of locations where a numerous offices are located, the clinics will have as many as six treatment rooms, as well as a fully equipped and modern medical imaging room.

Offered dental services

We would like our patients to feel comfortable at our clinics. Therefore, we make all efforts to ensure that our facilities look cosy and offer the highest level of services. These elements make up a friendly place, offering top quality services.

Services offered by our clinics include the following:

  • conservative dentistry;
  • comprehensive treatment plans tailored to the needs and capabilities of patients;
  • orthodontics with the use of innovative treatment methods;
  • root canal treatment;
  • dental prosthetics;
  • dental surgery;
  • dental implants;
  • orthodontics for children and adults;
  • cosmetic dentistry;
  • painless anaesthesia;
  • diagnostic radiology, X-ray, CBCT diagnostics with the use of the latest 3D imaging methods;
  • paediatric dentistry.

We invite children for stress-free first visits to make them familiar with the atmosphere at the dentist’s office. The youngest patients of our dental care centre can play in an attractive area that has been arranged just for them. There is also a specially designed dentist’s office.

Working hours of new dental clinics

New Medicover Stomatologia dental clinics in Warsaw at Wołoska and in Gdańsk at Grunwaldzka will be open:

  • from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00;
  • on Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00.

Appointments for visits to a dentist in Warsaw and Gdańsk

At the same time we would like to inform you that as of 13 December 2018, our dentist’s offices in Medicover Centre at ul. Wołoska will be closed. However, starting from 14 December you can make your appointments for January in the new location with the same dentists as in the previous location.

You can make an appointment to new Grunwaldzka Medicover Stomatologia Gdańsk clinic starting from the first week of December.

To make an appointment, please call the hotline 500 900 603.

Services of our new Medicover Stomatologia dental clinics are offered to both subsc.ription patients and those who do not have medical subsc.riptions.

More information about Wołoska Medicover Stomatologia centre (Warsaw)

More information about Grunwaldzka Medicover Stomatologia centre (Gdańsk) 

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