Medicover Centre opening Times on 1 November 2023

Dear Patients, we would like to inform you that on 01 November 2023, all Medicover facilities will be closed and the Hospital hotline will not be available. However, we will ensure that our patients are provided with access to medical care on that day.

Between 07:00 and 24:00, it will be possible to use the Telephone Medical Advice and chat with a primary care doctor. Medicover hotline will be open from 08:00 to 18:00.

The Outpatient Emergency Healthcare at Medicover Hospital in Warsaw will be available as follows:

Paediatrics and internal medicine – 08:00-24:00;

Orthopaedics – 10:00-24:00.

In order to use the Outpatient Emergency Healthcare, it is necessary to call Medicover Hot Line (on +48 500 900 999) in advance.

Date added 18.10.2023
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 18.10.2023